"An original English band parodist, like Andre van Duin was once. He still has to learn something ..."

Tineke Klamer

I encountered someone by the merchandise while I was digesting. She wanted to know if I was really getting paid 500 euros for what is in the videos above. I said, yes, it was the truth, the man called Steve, he wanted me to come and warm up the people. I said okay maybe, but only if there is some money and the pavlova in Copenhagen. He said he couldn't make any promises on the pavlova, I would just have to say yes and wait till we got there, but I would be paid the decent money because this is not like it is usually that I have experienced. Oh no, they actually get you the herbal teas and put money in your bank account. And so I told her: It's not real, it's just Steve asked me to come. Who is this Steve? she wanted to know. I pointed him out and then she said to me:

"But I am a much better singer than you, and my jokes are so much better. It's not fair."

Perhaps I responded something smart to this, but I can't remember because my mind is now saying look at the bit of paper with what it says about what they thought of you:

'Sexy Cripple' - No, I am not so sure about that one.

'Typical English' - No, I don't think you have been to Harrogate recently, and no Englishman that I know orders a chamomile tea at one in the morning in a bar in Paris (of course there are some - when will we party together to prove it? - oh the things that I wonder about nothingness).

'Dirty Dirty Leeds' - Yes, that is what he thought. But then I was back with the woman and she said she does three sets for 80 euros, she is a receptionist, she hates her job.

Do you have a background in theater? No, but I do like the boogie.

following this I spent a lot of time listening to people from Preston and thinking that I was excited about the breakfast in the morning. But don't have too much Markie, you know what you are like, talking walks so you can have more of the buffet. Yes, I know your ways. And I think again that I am hungry. Attractive people playing pool beneath the green lights smelling of cigarettes. What was? I walked to the back of the place, ducked out, and wandered in the direction of the hotel. Because there were four beds in my room, and I had decided to set four separate alarms, and sleep in each. Because I know the housekeeping is not a job that I fancy, but at the same time, I don't know what I am going to say about that. I think it's pretend