There was a shop that sold safes, and town was a long way from where we were staying. But why would you go out, sitting around the hotel in the dressing gown drying out of the shower no of course not. I did not because of course not. Can't wear those things. And so I went for a mooch and had a long chat with someone who said I was like Victoria Wood. Following this I hung about and watched and put the money in my pocket and wrote some things on people's records because I was dancing last night and I've just remembered. Apparently there is a thing called slut dropping. And I was doing it. Perhaps I will type this into the screen to find out what it really is. But my Mum and Dad are watching tennis in the next room, and a man is grunting, and I am 30 and have a lot of books I want to read so maybe I should just turn  this off and do that.

Delete this tomorrow. Shake legs like in the tape.