Had a long sleep in a hotel room trying not to worry about everything I was worrying about. Then I thought about trying to be Henry Miller again. But that would be a stupid thing to do and not be me. Back to sleep. I woke up again and then there was this review.

Very much enjoying putting things I can't read into google translate and seeing what it comes out with.

"comes on the stage and says for a while nothing but "Hello" and "Good Evening" , Then he picks up his playback and sings around on the oversized stage, quoting The Smiths, waving with gladiolas - and believes he can get by."

"The audience reacts indifferently to the broken performance of the anarchist... Wynn is very busy with his thoroughly British lecture, but it remains unclear which stories he can and can not believe."

"Wynn also tries with free upper body, burping into the micro and indicated Iggy Pop movements to score points."