Discovered these in the loft of the mother.

'Bing Crosby Ice Cream - I Can't Believe It Neither - At Least According To An Old Copy Of Mojo' An EP
1. I Was A Lot More Prolific When I Was Living In Greece 
2. Aldi Sex Song 
3. The Girl Who Looked Like Bobby Gillespie 
4. Sedative 
5. Houses On The Green Grass 
6. Your Nan Is Not An Invalid

Dirty Work 10 - Might Try Some Shoes On - Maybe I Won't Try Some Shoes On - An EP

28 page zine. Containing a diary of gigs done in March 2014 in Manchester, Carisle, Londinum, Southend, Colchester, Leeds, Cambridge, Sandwich. Reader's Laetters. Reviews. Advertisements. 4 track EP entitled 'Might try some shoes on - Maybe I won't try some shoes on' An EP by Mark Wynn

1. She's My Baby And She Makes Me Die Inside
2. No, I'm Bored
3.You're Looking Well, Mark. I Feel Like I Got Shaved In The Dark
4. If I Was A Cat I'd Be Called Brian, Brian The Cat

1. BTYC 
2. No Fun (not that one) 
3. Ray Davies Nicked All My Songs 
4. Knee Socks 
5. She Fancies Me That One In Age Concern 
6. Lipstick 
7. Day Trip To Wakefield 
8. Tabby Cats Instead

20 page zine, posters, baby picture, a letter to the internet, Fiasco magazine cover.

36 page collection of word story things wrote in October 2013
1. James Bond Train Killer Blues 
2. A Chance Encounter 
3. Who? 
4. A Lack Of Something In Favour Of The Rest 
5. Entertainment 
6. As We Snake Past The Station - Sorry Calvino 
7. The Dogs That Lead Us Down Dangerous Lanes 
8. He Awoke at 11, We Weren't Sure If We Should 
9. I Didn't Know What To Think So I Fled 
10. A Bad Recollection Which Caused A Car Chase Sequence 
11. The Day I Stole My Gran From Hospital, In A Bed Delivery Van 
12. Fancy Dress 
13. The Possibilities Which Are Endless But They Don't Appear To Be 
14. Epilogue